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ReviewsWooden Blinds from Blinds By Post #AD

Wooden Blinds from Blinds By Post #AD

It’s amazing how making a simple décor change can vastly improve the appearance of a home. Changing the appearance of a window can change and set the tone for the whole room. Blinds from Blinds By Post did just that for us.

Disclaimer: I was gifted this product by Blinds by Post for my honest, unbiased review. This hasn’t influenced my opinion of the product in any way.

Window Blinds

Not so long ago Mrs F and I did our obligatory Sunday trip to a local charity superstore, just to scout out any bargains. If you’ve been reading my blog regularly, you’ll know I like to try and get things cheap or free, transforming your house doesn’t have to cost the earth. We came across some lovely Venetian wooden slatted blinds. By pure luck, they were the perfect size to fit our conservatory. So we bought them. After fitting them, they had vastly improved the appearance of the conservatory.

This set us on the path to replace the horrible dark and dull-looking blinds we had in our living room. We knew the chances of finding a blind to fit our living room window would be slim, as, and I’m not sure why, it is an odd width for a window! We were prepared to spend the money on a set of blinds to match the ones we got for the conservatory. Not only that our house was the odd one out, everyone else has white blinds… gotta keep up with the Joneses! In all seriousness, we just wanted to freshen up the living room window, it was too dark and dull.

Dull And Dark Window Blinds

Blinds By Post

We knew exactly what we wanted. Wide slatted, wooden blinds, with cotton Tapes. We knew the exact measurements too, so all it was a matter of doing was ordering them. I was confident I could fit them, so was happy to order online. I came across the Blinds By Post’s website and they had exactly what we wanted. By pure chance, they had also come across my blog, seemingly at the same time and offered to send me a custom made blind. What are the chances of that happening? I snapped up the opportunity, as we’re looking to replace the upstairs window blinds too, so was a perfect opportunity to trial the product quality and service.

Ordering process

The Blinds By Post website is great, it’s full of products, tips, inspiration, fitting guides and more. The ordering process, although mine was done direct, is straightforward, choose your product, pick your requirements, enter your sizes and pay. You can even order free samples if you’re not too sure which material to go for. Blinds By Post offer various payment options too to help spread the cost.


The standard delivery timeframe is 3-5 working days, which is quite quick, considering they custom make the blinds too. We received our blinds within 4 working days. I was a little concerned with the state the blinds might be in once I got them, especially with the way some courier companies chuck stuff about. But the blinds are well packaged, and each edge of the box has reinforced edging strips, so really well packed and protected.

Blinds By Post Box

Fitting Venetian blinds

Even if you’re a novice DIY‘er Blinds By Post make it easy for you to fit them yourself. They send you clear and concise fitting instructions, which are also available on their website.

Blinds By Post Fitting Instructions

Whats in the box

You get everything you need to fit your blinds. Within the box, we received the blinds, a pelmet and a box, with brackets, screws and other fittings inside. All you’ll need is a drill, tape measure and screwdriver.

Contents Of Blind Fittings

Fauxwood Venetian Blinds

Fitting the blinds took about 20 minutes altogether. Really simple and straightforward. The overall quality of the blinds is really good. They’ve got a bit of weight to them, but they’re faux wood, so are going to be a bit weighty. The workmanship of the blinds is really good too.

Overall, we’re really pleased with the blinds we received, and they’ve made a massive difference to our living room. Although, now I feel the need to redecorate the entire living room, just so it’s all fresh and has a feel of newness.


Quick delivery
Easy to install
Quality of product


The blinds from blinds by post are of great quality and workmanship. Speedy delivery and very simple and clear installation instructions.


  1. Those are nice! Our kids (5 years old and under) are pretty good at destroying our current blinds with dirty food fingers and markers, etc… Down the road, once they are in college or married lol we will invest in new ones…maybe. 🙂

    Great post, Damion!

  2. Hi Damion,

    Good job. Its a pleasant surprise to find some instructions that are actually useful rather than exasperarting (some are clearly translated from another language and, as the saying goes, ‘something was lost in translation’).

    A little disappointed that you haven’t included your video 🙂

  3. Okay, quick question. How easy are the blinds to clean? We have some blinds in our kitchen that are going green because of all the frying that goes on in the kitchen. They are so difficult to clean as they just flap about. That said, these products look good and the delivery time is impressive.

    • Great Question John. From a dusting/polishing point of view, they’re pretty straightforward, just dust as you would normally. As far as removing grease from them, is another matter. I would probably, (and I’m no expert on blinds) go for plastic or metal blinds. Generally, when I clean blinds, I just close them, place my hand on the face of the blinds and do it in sections, so they don’t ‘Flap about’.


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The blinds from blinds by post are of great quality and workmanship. Speedy delivery and very simple and clear installation instructions.Wooden Blinds from Blinds By Post #AD