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Useful websites to help build your online presence

Having a website is one thing. How you present it online is another. So, I’ve put together a list of useful websites to help build your online presence.

Online presence

It’s common to come across people who believe that just building a website will get them instant attraction, sales, followers, or even instant income. The internet is massive, it takes a lot to get listed in a decent place on google these days. Good, clean, structured design, good quality content, good page speeds, optimised content, SEO, and much more. people won’t find you unless you give them a good reason to.

It’s also common to come across businesses, writers, bloggers, content creators, and many others, who haven’t got the funds to make spectacular websites and understandably, in a lot of cases don’t have the knowledge to do so. Organisations, such as WordPress help by offering fairly easy, intuitive platforms to allow you to get an aesthetically pleasing website up and running quite quickly.

Build your online presence

Sadly, organisations like WordPress, Wix and Shopify can’t do the work for you. The content you put on your website is entirely down to you. How you present your website could make or break you. For example, on social media, you may have 50k followers, but if you launch a website that is badly designed, confusing and slow, you’ll undoubtedly lose all credibility.

Help to build your online presence

Not everyone starting out online can afford expensive software, to help them create the image they envisage. But, there are many companies, developers, and just some brilliant people out there, that create some really useful online apps and websites to help. Whether its, video editing, photo-editing, image optimisation, or scripted videos, there will be a really useful website to use.

I’ve been using computers since the ’90s, so I’m quite tech-savvy. I’ve been dabbling in website design and WordPress for quite some time too and I still come across useful websites that I use regularly. If it makes life easier and saves a few quid… why not!

Useful websites that help to build online presence.

I’m going to share with you, 5 really useful websites I’ve come across. Some I use regularly and some I’ve used, and some I’ve been playing with for a while. Don’t be mistaken though, these websites aren’t your answer to instant popularity, but they do offer functions that can help you on your way.


Lumen5 Screenshot

Lumen5.com is one of my favourites. I’ll happily admit that I have a face for radio, so I’m not that into doing too much video content, with my mush on it. Video content is king though and websites like Lumen5 allow you to effectively convert your blog posts into youtube, Instagram, Facebook, or custom videos. It’s really straightforward too. Signup for free, enter your blog post you’d like to convert to a video and it does the work for you.

Lumen5 Story Screenshot

It’s fully functioning so you can record your own voiceover, add music or additional imagery or edit any elements you need. One of the cool features I like is that you can enter your website’s RSS feed URL into it, and it will automatically pull your content and creates videos using its own templates. The only downside is, at the end of each video made Lumen5 adds a credit slide to the end of your video. But, it’s free! If you want to remove that, you need to upgrade. But other than that there are few limitations really. Video content will definitely help you build a better web presence.


Pixlr Homepage Screenshot

Pixlr.com is brilliant. A lot of people have netbooks to do their writing work, so haven’t got a great deal of storage or processing power. The use of graphics software just isn’t an option. This is where Pixlr comes in super useful. Pixlr is a Free Photo Editor and Graphic Design web application that can be used straight from your browser. It uses AI to allow you to quickly and professionally edit and create images. It’s very versatile and can open the majority of image file types including PSD, PXD, JPEG, PNG (transparent), WebP, SVG and more.

Pixlr Editor Screenshot

Pixlr offers a whole host of features that you’d expect from a photo editor, with additional features like the ability to overlay images, add frames, add filters and many many more options. There are of course options available that are premium features, but the benefit of this website is, once you export your image, there are no watermarks or anything, the image you create, is what you get. And you can export into many different formats.


Squoosh Homepage Screenshot

Squoosh.app is a really great image compression service. It’s free too. Having a slow-loading website is a nightmare for your readers, you’ve got about 2 – 3 seconds to capture their attention. If you don’t capture their attention, you’ve lost a reader. I’ve mentioned before that compressing your images can greatly improve your google page speed score.

Squoosh Features Screenshot

It’s easy to use, however, there are elements where you can change elements of the image compression if you are not sure about the terminology and can be a little overwhelming. Overall, the default settings will be more than enough.


Tinypng Homepage Screenshot

I use TinyJpg.com quite a lot. Mainly because it offers a very quick and efficient image optimisation service. It doesn’t require any input, other than that of dragging and dropping your image for compression. It does, however, have a 5mb file size limit.

Tinypng Feature Screenshot

As you can see it offers great compression, without losing image quality. The great thing about TinyJpg is, that it also offers a WordPress plugin, so you can install the plugin on your website and allow TinyJpg to do your image optimisation whilst you upload the image to your media library. TinyJpg also offers an image CDN service for faster image delivery.


Heictojpeg Homepage Screenshot

HEICtoJpeg.com is a website I use regularly. If you’ve got an iPhone or iPad on IOS 11 or later, you’ll notice that the photos are saved as ‘.HEIC’ files. HEIC is supposed to offer better image compression, but some of the photos I take are around 8mb in size. Adding a file that big to your website will be mega slow to download and WordPress, at the moment doesn’t support HEIC files.

It’s really straightforward to use. Drag and Drop your image and it converts it to a Jpeg file format, you can then download your file. Upload the jpeg to one of the image compressors for better image optimisation.


Jitter Video Homepage Screenshot

Jitter.video offers simple motion design. It allows you to create a host of animated videos and Gifs. You can create, animated tweets, IOS notifications, stories, blog stories, app lists, animate your own logo, animated text and many more. the best bit… it’s absolutely free. The Free account version allows you to export video at 720p 30fps and Gifs, with an unlimited project cap.

Jitter Video Feature Screenshot

This is a great website, quite straightforward and not overly complicated to use. It allows you to import their own examples into your account, so if you see something you like, import it and edit it, just like this:

The Northern Dad Tweet

Create a better user experience

So, there you have it, just a few of the websites that I use, that I find incredibly useful. The Internet has come a long way, people expect to get the information they need in an instant. They want to be engaged in what their reading, so website owners should be doing everything they can to build a better web presence. Give some of them a go, and see what you think.


  1. I’m always looking for simple useful ways to help improve site performance. I’m a newb when it comes to the technical side of it and really can’t grasp it but don’t think I’ve done too bad so far. Sites like these you’ve recommended really help and seem really user friendly which is what I like.

    Thanks for sharing.


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