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20 things Dads do that are random

There are many things still yet to be discovered in this world. Like an exact date the world will decease?, will Artificial intelligence eventually control the world we live in? and Like the things Dads do that are random?

Below is a list of 20 things us Dads do that are just random:

  1. Grunt when we sit down.
  2. We sneeze so loud, it’s just unnecessary.
  3. We have more knowledge of the UK roads than any Sat Nav ever will.
  4. We ask for random things for our Birthday & Christmas presents, like a bag of gravel or a new set of shelving for the garage.
  5. If we’re cooking… it’s serious… DO NOT DISTURB
  6. We Fart.. a lot, nearly as loud as our sneezes
  7. We eat, out of date food.
  8. We think we are younger than we actually are.
  9. Whilst you’re having a drink in the car we slam on the brakes
  10. The central heating isn’t for use! It’s just there
  11. … neither is the big light!
  12. We love a freebie
  13. Before we go out we google “free voucher codes for…”
  14. Ask your Mam
  15. Forever saying “shut the door” (heating still isn’t going on!)
  16. We’re the middle ground between the Kids and Mam
  17. When shopping, we’re a walking price comparison site…
  18. We deny being asleep even though we’re drooling and snoring
  19. Before anything gets opened, we have to give it a good shake.
  20. We’re a fountain of useless facts.
Bad Dad Joke

Most things in this world can be explained through science, or Wikipedia , But when it comes to us Dads, not even rationality would explain it!

Drop a comment below and add your own random things a Dad does.


  1. My dad definitely does most of these. I can add that my dad does not have an inside voice. If he has something to say, even if it’s about someone’s appearance and we’re in public, he will say it loudly (thinking he’s saying it softly). Oh well.

    All the best, Michelle

  2. Great list buddy, I can certainly relate with 18. I Wasn’t asleep I was resting my eyes. As for the heating. It shouldn’t be used until the windows have Frost on the inside, cold – stick another layer on .


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