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Family LifeThe year that was 2020

The year that was 2020

2020 for all of us has , in a nutshell been absolutely terrible. For my family personally it’s been a rollercoaster of a ride. Here’s my ‘yearly sermon’ on the year that was 2020.

‘Yearly Sermon’

Well… Where do I start with the year we loosely call 2020?
This is the second year in a row my family has seen loss by a horrible disease. Sadly we lost my Dad to cancer in April. A truly heart breaking experience. An experience I personally can’t describe. The thought you have as a son or daughter that your parents will last forever quickly disappears and reality becomes dominant.

Time is short, we should all cherish every moment available to us with our loved ones. With the loss of my Dad. My own personal health scares and various other elements this year has thrown our way, it has truly left its mark, mentally and emotionally.

Each year that I write my ‘sermon’ I almost always write about one constant, and that is my family. This year I am doing the same. Family, whether disbanded or just a little muddled up will always be there for you, cherish the time you have with them and rebuild broken bridges.

Damion with Brothers.
The Founde Brothers – Copyright(c) Damion Founde

Are you OK?

2020 has, quite literally, broken some people through mental health struggles. Reach out to those you haven’t spoke to in a while and ask… Are You Ok? Mental health affects people in many different ways. If 2020 has taught us anything it is to reach out and help those who need it.
It’s taught us no matter what your skin colour, race or sexuality is, you are human, that’s it. We have all been affected in some way this year… we are all the same.

Evaluate your decisions

Last year I spoke about being bold in decisions you make. Personally for me, I’ve struggled a little bit this year with my own mental and daily challenges and in turn re-evaluated my decisions. I chose to be a Stay at Home Dad which enabled me to spend more time with my kids. More than I ever have in many years. I chose to write to aid me to vent my thoughts and feelings to a wide audience who can relate to similar life experiences.

Work hard and achieve

Our children continue to strive to be the best they can be. With so many struggles the UK education system has faced, my kids have overcome the challenges and obstacles that have confronted them and have shown their determination to achieve. Natalie continues to be my rock and soul mate. She works hard doing what she does best, caring for others. A true selfless person.

Good Bye 2020

2020 has well and truly been a year to remember. I have no idea what 2021 will bring, what challenges or any positives that may come. But what I do know is that myself and my family will continue to be a strong unit and continue to support each other and those who need support.

Look after each other and remember to ask … Are you ok?

Natalie, the kids and I would like to wish you all a very happy and positive new year.


  1. Wishing you the best possible 2021 Damion. Alas, I fear the start will be much of the same but here’s hoping that vaccine can roll out swiftly and that any more variants (for there will be others) can be dealt with swiftly. It sure has been a tough year and I think it’s easy to overlook the impact on us all and out kids, especially when you’re living through it. Sorry to hear about your dad. That must have been tough.

  2. Really good read, sorry for your loss Happy new year let’s hope 2021 is a better year it surely can’t be as bad as the sh** show that 2020 was

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your dad. Thank you for sharing such a lovely post, here’s hoping 2021 brings new adventures and new memories, and is a brighter year for us all. Take care x


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