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Teesside, the place I call home

Does Teesside really deserve its unenviable reputation? Not at all. With its industrial heritage and its breathtaking rural escapes, I’ll show you why Teesside is NOT the armpit of the northeast.


For those of you who don’t know, Teesside is a region between Country Durham and North Yorkshire. Renowned for its industrial heritage of steel making and chemical manufacturing. Teesside steel was the driving force behind the industrial revolution. Sydney harbour bridge was made of steel from a Teesside company Dorman Long. Sadly times change, and Teesside is now the home to some high technology science development and service sectors.

So as you’d imagine, it sounds like a very industrial, stinky, a run-down area that has nothing going for it. To an extent parts of it are run down. The beating heart of steel making declined on Teesside, But name a town in the UK that doesn’t have some form of degradation.

Is Teesside a bad place to live?

I guess it depends on who you speak to. Teesside spelt with two s’, by the way, gets a lot of bad press. It always seems to be from people from outside of the area, who visit, or the media who just love to create a bit of drama. Teesside isn’t perfect, but I can tell you this, Teessiders are, in my opinion, some of the friendliest, kind-hearted selfless people. If there’s a problem, a family in need, a cause that needs support, even if we’re hard up ourselves, we’ll help and support you in any way we can.

Those of you who are from the area may remember the old tune that bashed out on the radio now and again. “It’s what we do, we are Teesside, we’re the future, we’re the pride“.

We even changed the lyrics to Tina Turner’s You’re simply the best and became renowned for it. ” You’re simply the best, South Cleveland Garages”… Which was just a car sales company based in Teesside. Proud to be a Teessider, I guess.

Video Credit: Joal Young – Youtube. / Music Credit: Tina Turner – (Simply) The Best

Aside from the mockery, it has some really interesting heritage and within minutes of anywhere in Teesside, there are some stunning places, with iconic features.

I was born in Teesside, travelled a bit and then returned to Teesside and I’m still finding places I didn’t know existed and astonished by its beauty.

Teesside in pictures

Rather than me waffling on about my home region, let me show you why Teesside isn’t ‘the armpit of the North East’. All of the locations within these photos are within 20 minutes from my house. It’s also a great excuse for me to show off some of my amateur iPhone photography

Saltburn beach

Saltburn beach is a stunning place. With a wide-open beach, cliffs, historic pier and tramway, it’s a great day out whether it’s a red hot summers day or a blister winters day. it has some great viewpoints to take some stunning photos too!

Guisborough Woods

We visit Guisborough woods quite regularly. Guisborough woods has a vast amount of woodland spread across miles. With so many things for little adventurers to do and even if you’re a big kid like me, hills to climb. It boasts so many viewpoints to see across Teesside.

Flatts Lane Country Park

Another great place to visit, dog walking, or just to get some air in your lungs. It’s set back and you can easily drive past it, but once you’re in the country park, it’s stunning. from the top, you can look down over the heart of Middlesbrough and Guisborough.

Cod Beck resevoir

Cod beck is about 25 minutes from my home. It’s another stunning place. Its surrounded by coniferous woodland and moorland, which is a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Aysgarth Falls

OK – Aysgarth falls is about 45 minutes away from my home, but still well within reach of Teesside. Aysgarth falls is just a stunning place. With triple flight waterfalls, carved out by the river Ure, surrounded by stunning moorland and farmland.

Would you dare to live in Teesside

The long and slow industrial decline from the 1970s onwards and the closure of manufacturing plants left masses of people out of work in Middlesbrough with high levels of unemployment and poverty. It’s very easy for the media and visitors to focus on the negatives.

This goes for many places, you rarely see the media focusing on the positives of an area, sadly this is the world we live in, bad news is good news.

Teesside has some rough edges and parts are a little run down, but when you have stunning places like these to visit on your doorstep, I’d say Teesside is a pretty decent place to live.


  1. Confess I am not a familiar with Teesside but I did spend a couple of years living in North Yorkshire so I have absolutely no doubt the area has some amazing beauty spots. Should I find myself crossing the N York Moors in future, your guide will prove very useful.

  2. There are some amazing places, I’ve never actually visited Saltburn, think that may need to change as I see the place alot in pictures and looks amazing.

    We love the woods and regulars to
    Dalby forest on the north Yorkshire moors so think we would enjoy Guisborough woods.

    A great read buddy, great photos too. Definitely some places added to the to visit list.

  3. It looks and sounds amazing. The photos are beautiful. I think if we could al be honest with ourselves, everywhere can have rougher edges. From your description, Teesside may be worth a visit from me and the kids. Thanks for sharing.

    • Honestly, it really isn’t as bad as people make out. There really is a lot to see and do.. not to mention, the white water rapids at the Tees barrage , where a lot of filming happens on soaps, and top movies.


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