Sunday, May 29, 2022

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Grandpa’s Fortune Fables #AD

#AD Grandpa's Fortune Fables is a cleverly written financial education book for kids. With short stories that teach kids to earn, save and grow their own money.

A coming of age fantasy by Jacob Moore #AD

#AD FLY is a coming of age fantasy by Jacob Moore. Debut author and the first in a series built on real-life values and experiences.

Infographic; Cyberbullying on social media

Most young people will experience cyberbullying on social media or at least see it. But how do we prevent cyberbullying from happening?

Inside the mind of an adolescent

Adolescence is probably one of the most challenging times, for your child and for you as well. What really goes on in the mind of an adolescent?

The coming of age, what a faff on

September marked a significant milestone in my oldest daughters life. She turned 18, the coming of age and it was a right faff on and I’ll tell you why.

The unwritten guide to parenting: Chapter 13

The Unwritten guide to parenting stops at a certain chapter. Let's have a satirical look at what chapter 13 is all about.


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