Sunday, August 14, 2022

Tag: kids

Parmos and downtime

After a long few weeks, some downtime was needed. An opportunity presented itself and we took it, even if it was only for a few hours.

Infographic; Cyberbullying on social media

Most young people will experience cyberbullying on social media or at least see it. But how do we prevent cyberbullying from happening?

Busy doing nothing

The summer 2021 holidays seem to have flown by. But I couldn't tell you exactly what we've been doing. I'm not sure how, but we've been busy doing nothing.

If my washing machine could talk

Have you ever wondered what your washing machine would say to you if it could talk? My washing machine is now part of the family and acts like it too!

An interview with my kids

How well do you know your kids? More so, how well do your kids know you? I held an interview with my kids and some of the answers are surprising.

Pumpkin picking

We decided to go to a PYO pumpkin farm and weirdly we were all quite excited about it. A muddy, wet adventure.


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