Sunday, May 29, 2022
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Shall we go to the shop

“Me too tired”… A saying we hear all of the time in our household. Having spent so much time in the house due to the COVID-19 pandemic, A simple “shall we go to the shop” builds up so much energy it’s superhuman.

Ready, Set, GO!

The excitement and anticipation of what it may bring turns into a mission to get shoes and coats at the ready. “Dad, Dad, is my shoe on the right foot!?” To confirm he’s one step closer to bombing it out of the door. Shoes on, coat on!

Waiting for the punch line

1…2…3… “dad, when we get there yeh? when we get there… can I get some sweeties, please”… there it is, the one and the only reason he wants to come to the shop. Not the exercise or the adventures that may occur on the way. Although many times we do pick up a stick and play armies on the way. It was all deception to get me into a false state of mind, shoes on, coat on in 30 seconds flat. It may impress me into thinking “wow he’s doing as he’s told, such a good boy”.

Well it worked, I’m weak, but in all fairness, he actually is a good boy 90% of the time. B-line straight for the sweet aisle, ignoring the pre-disclosure statement pretty much every parent reads out to their child before entering a shop. Mine normally consists of things like “Be good”, “no running”, “don’t touch anything”, “I’ll tell mummy if you are really good”, “let’s get daddy’s shopping first”

Tough Decisions

30 minutes later(slight exaggeration!), still on the sweet aisle in B&M. Too much choice! Then again, who comes out of B&M with what they actually went in for!? Multiple attempts at “How about this dad?” Swiftly answered with a sharp NO for pretty much everything he picks up.

Finally a choice I say yes to, mainly because it’s cheaper and not a total waste of money. Sweets picked, shopping is done! 3 steps out of the shop… “me too tired”.

Alfie walking home with tired legs

Somehow in the space of exiting the shop to take a breath of fresh air instead of inhaling my own breath behind a mask, he’s lost all ability to use his legs!? Can I be bothered taking 3 days to get home because he’s walking so slow, with his head slumped down? Nope. 2 sweets now to give you superpowers and then some more when we get home.. WOOSH, gobbled up, legging it home with the odd “hold my hand, we’re going across a road”, quick look left and right and we’re back on it.

Home at last

Coat chucked, shoes kicked off, one ends in the lampshade, one, half up the stairs.. “dad, can I have the rest of my sweets now”. Well, he did have superpowers, so yeah I gave in again.. starts opening them… “don’t like them”. All of that excitement & energy are used just for the buzz of getting a treat.

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