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Recipes and CookingRecipe; Vegetable and Tuna Pasta Bake

Recipe; Vegetable and Tuna Pasta Bake

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A classic tuna pasta bake with a twist. It’s super easy to make, with ingredients you’ll most probably already have in your cupboard or fridge.

What to eat when theres nothing to eat

We’ve all been there, the cupboards are running low, the fridge is getting empty and it’s a few days away until payday. What can you have to eat!?

We live in a world, where everything has to be pretty much made for us. But, with a little imagination, you can actually create some delicious meals with whatever you have left. Even leftovers can make a new meal!

A quick peek in the cupboards and I spot a lonely tin of beans… that’s the emergency tin of beans, it can’t be used unless it’s a real emergency. I’m really not sure what type of emergency would require a tin of beans!? Not sure the phrase “quick, grab the beans” would ever be used either. But my mam always said, “it’s always an idea to keep a tin of beans for emergencies”.

Tuna pasta bake to the rescue

I spot, next to the emergency beans, a full four-pack of tuna. Why is tuna always the one at the back of a cupboard? You can’t go wrong with tuna. It’s one of them tinned items that you buy because it fits in the cupboard just right. One facing of beans, one facing of spaghetti hoops (that no one eats), one facing of soup and the gap that’s left… the tuna fits in perfectly!

We had Tuna, we had pasta and we had cheese. So, tuna pasta bake it was. This recipe is super easy. Super quick and costs next to nothing. You can add anything you want in it really, just make sure you keep the tuna part, otherwise, it wouldn’t be a tuna pasta bake.

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  1. Oh yes, we have lots of emergency tins in our cupboards (tuna, beans, corned beef!) but unbelievably I’ve never made tuna pasta bake before. This looks really delicious and I love that there are veggies in there too. I’d probably grate some courgettes into the creamy sauce and ditch the carrots (which my picky daughter loathes) but this is a fab recipe, thank you, Damion!


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