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Recipes and CookingRecipe; crispy salt and pepper potato peels

Recipe; crispy salt and pepper potato peels

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These crispy salt and pepper potato peels are the perfect way to use up leftover potato peelings.

The Humble Spud

The humble spud is a staple of any UK Sunday roast. We peel them, then either compost the peelings or shot them in the bin. The skin on most vegetables, including the spud, is just as nutritious as the inner and they’re a great source of fibre. So why shot them in the bin!?

You could go to the shop and pay over £2 for a bag of fancy crisps of course. But you could also just make your own. It’s super easy and super tasty. you could add any seasoning you like really. Paprika, Cummin or even chilli.

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  1. I love these, it was a staple after school snack in my teenage years. If you can get your hands onto a bit of salt & vinegar spice then this goes to a whole new level!

  2. Hi Damion,

    Great idea!

    Being a bit of a Plain Jane when it comes to food I like the idea of a simple dish with nothing more than salt & pepper (although even then I’d take it easy with the pepper!) – I get fed-up with the current obsession with putting garlic, cummin, and curry on everything. I hate garlic with the intensity of a thousand burning suns!!! (Are you getting the picture? 😉 )

  3. A great snack with a movie, whilst me and the mrs have been attempting (i say that lightly) to eat healthier and lose a bit of lockdown weight. Carrot and parsnip crisps homemade as you have above are a great healthier option to the usual pringles. Great simple recipe matey, thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Eddie.
      We don’t usually eat parsnips throughout the year, with the exception of Christmas. But I’ll be making some parsnip crisps this year!


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