Chicken Carbonara
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Chicken Carbonara is a quick and simple Italian dish. With diced succulent chicken and a smooth creamy sauce.

Another favourite recipe in our house is Chicken Carbonara. Its another pasta dish, but pasta is a really versatile food item. It cooks fast and is brilliant at absorbing flavours, such as sauces to make your dish truly mouth watering, until the plate is clear.

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9 thoughts on “Recipe; Chicken carbonara

  1. Hi Damion. I quite often make carbonara so I may give this variant a try, thanks. Like Eddie, I tend to add some cheese in the form of parmesan when I make it (and I also ditch the dreaded garlic!).

  2. I Love Carbonara its one of my favourite pasta dishes. Love it with Tagliatelle or papperdelle (think that’s how its spelt). I like to put some Grana Padano cheese in my sauce.

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