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Pumpkin picking

We don’t usually buy pumpkins at Halloween, but if we do it’s usually from the supermarket. Until we decided to go pumpkin picking this year.

Pontac pumpkins sign

Halloween 2020 is going to be different, there’s no doubt about it. We don’t usually buy pumpkins, the odd times we have they just end up disintegrating before the ghosts and ghouls come out. This year though we decided to go to a PYO (Pick Your Own) farm and weirdly we were all quite excited about it. It was more the adventure of it, being able to pick your own and seeing the vast quantity.

Pumpkin picking is no fashion parade

Let me make this clear, going pumpkin picking in the North East, in October, in the rain isn’t glamorous. To de-glamourise it, we went to a farmers field, in the rain. It was muddy, boggy and squashed pumpkins all over. We loved it! We’re the type of family that actually enjoy getting absolutely pitted… that’s what Persil is for.

Chloe and Lilly in field scaled
natalie pushing pumpkin wheel barrow scaled

Whilst we’re tromping through the clarts, as my mum would say and Nat struggling to control the wheel barrow, I notice a family practically dressed in their Sunday Best. “oh no, it’s really muddy, I’ve got mud all over my shoes”. I did what any other person who was dressed appropriately for going to a farm did. Sniggered and hoped they fell in the mud. Purely for entertainment purposes of course.

Bigger is better

Taking 3 children somewhere to pick their own item will inevitably bring about “the competition”. I say children, chloe is nearly an adult! But finding the biggest, most perfectly round, orangest pumpkin mission was definitely on.

I think they forgot that the wheel barrow full of pumpkins had to be paid for, so me the tight git that I am, for ever two pumpkins in the barrow I took one out. End result was 5 pumpkins in the barrow when we came to pay. I did get a look of disgust from my family, but hey I squeak when I walk!

alfie holding pumpkin scaled

It was a great morning that we had, with a few laughs whilst we were there and a bag of chips to end with. You can’t go towards Redcar without going to the chippy! Well organised, COVID-19 safety procedures where in place with a one way route. You pay £10 when you book online and they deduct that from the price of your pumpkins at the end.

Pontac Pumpkins is located near New Marske. Their website is

kids at pontac pumpkin selfie station scaled


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