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Recipes and CookingRecipe; Mrs F’s Cheesy Cottage Pie

Recipe; Mrs F’s Cheesy Cottage Pie

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It’s rare that Mrs F cooks, but when she does, her signature dish is this Cheesy Cottage Pie and it is yummy!

Can’t cook, won’t cook

It’s no secret that Mrs F doesn’t do much cooking. It’s not that she can’t cook, it’s just I watch over her when she is. Mainly because “that’s not how I do it”. So she just generally doesn’t bother. On top of that, she works a lot so the last thing you want to be doing is cooking when you get in from a hard days graft.

Cheesy Cottage pie

Mrs F’s Cheesy Cottage pie is one of those dishes that you can’t help but have more than one portion of. It’s quite a simple recipe but it does take a little while to cook. Good things, come to those who wait!

This recipe contains lots of cheese. Mrs F made it and she’s obsessed with cheese!

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  1. Hi Damion.

    This. Sounds. AWESOME!!!

    Cottage pie and cheese … together! I’m going to be recommending this to my better half this evening. We will, of course, exclude the garlic because that is the work of the devil, but other than that it all sounds delicious.

    • You could certainly make it vegetarian… just replace the minced beef with mushrooms, lentils etc and replace the gravy with vegetable stock and a dash of cornstarch.


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