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Family LifeIs a dog really a mans best friend?

Is a dog really a mans best friend?

Dogs play a mixture of rolls in our lives, are social pack animals who thrive of attention and affection. But is a dog really a mans best friend?

Mans Best Friend

According to Wikipedia “Man’s best friend” is a common phrase used to describe domestic dogs, referring to their millennia-long history of close relations, loyalty, and companionship with humans.

They play a mixture of rolls in our lives, Protector, lifesavers, domestic aids and companions. Dogs share DNA with wolves and as such are social pack animals who thrive off attention and affection.

Speaking of attention-seeking dogs, let me introduce you to my dog, Missy. Missy is is a German Shepard/Beagle Crossbreed. Don’t ask… I have no idea how it happened and not sure I want to either!

Missy looking at me with puppy dog eyes

Sadly we lost our 8-year-old dog, Ben, due to a tumour… A small yappy, over excited Jack Russell cross. As a family, we decided we would have no more pets. It was too painful, getting attached and having a member of your family leave you. It was mutual, we all agreed.

Silence isn’t golden

Five days after coming to terms with the loss of Ben, the house didn’t feel right. No yapping, no sound of claws tapping on the laminate flooring, it just didn’t feel right. But we carried on and readjusted to things. That was until I came across a picture of a fluffy puppy laying on a sofa, as I was scrolling through Facebook. A picture that someone had reluctantly put on offering a puppy to a new home due to work commitments.

Resist the temptation

I quickly scrolled past it to ease the temptation, I scrolled back up, showed Natalie… the response going through my head was “We all agreed, no more pets!?”. I get a look off Natalie pretty much confirming what I’d just told myself. Then the kids walk in, they all say the same.

We’re all sitting in the conservatory, knowing what each one of us is thinking, with the odd look at each other just in case one of us pipes up and says… ”I think we should”. We resisted.

30 minutes later Natalie and I are on our way to Hartlepool to collect and re-home the aforementioned puppy.

The day we picked missy up from Hartlepool

So, is a dog a mans best friend?

As a family, over the years we’ve been through the emotional ringer. We’ve seen the loss of my Grandma and my Father and had health scares. Where does the dog come in it? Well as I mentioned at the start of my post a dog is a good companion, a four-legged family member you can talk to, cry to and ask rhetorical questions to. They won’t judge you or guilt-trip you.

They’ll simply look at you and you lick you.

A sign that although she can’t understand a word your saying, she can feel your emotion and she’ll do whatever she can to protect you.

Missy and Alfie sitting in the garden

Exercise is good for the sole.

Now those who know me personally, know I don’t exercise. I should but I don’t.. until recently that is. Missy loves attention, a bit too much but she also loves her walks and it’s also great for me and the family.

Walking Missy 4 times a day can get annoying, I won’t lie, but as I mentioned in my first ever post, I’m a dad of 3… sometimes it’s nice to just have a stroll, clear your head and refocus.

Having a dog allows us to be a connected family, walking, adventuring, and allows us to just talk as a family, no distractions just big fields and our odd family.

Family dog walk

Do you have a dog? What does your dog do to help you and your family? Let me know in the comments below.



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