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How to stay healthy while working from home

Working from home has its benefits. Getting out of bed a bit later, wearing comfy clothes, and avoiding the usual rush hour traffic. But if you’re moving around less it can be tough to remain fit and healthy while working from home.

Working from home

It looks like Home working is here to stay. A research study by the Institute of Directors (IoD) surveyed close to 1,000 directors and it showed nearly 74% would be keeping home-working as the new normal for them.

But being at home is all too easy for some of us. It’s too easy to just pop your head in the fridge or a cupboard for a quick snack. Sit on the sofa for “5 minutes” watching TV with your laptop on your knee.

I’ve been speaking with a local Fitness & Nutritional coach and asked him a few questions on how we can remain fit and healthy while working from home.

Dwayne Hill is a local Fitness and Nutrition coach. He was formerly a Royal Marine Commando and has always had an interest in fitness and higher levels of standards.

Dwayne Hill from DH Fitness

What made you want to go into the Fitness and Nutrition sector?

I’ve always strived to be better, both mentally and physically. I have been working with Herbalife nutritional for over two years, the reason I actually got involved was to improve my own personal health and results during my time as a boxer. An opportunity arose to work with a company in helping others.

What services do you offer?

Our services are complete nutritional programs around health, wellness and fitness workouts. Alongside support, guidance and challenges.

How has the pandemic affected your business?

In the initial lockdown our business and company actually grew quite exponentially. I believe in education and support alongside our products. People became more aware of their health. So enabling them to change their nutritional habits created a niche for us.

What’s the key to staying fit and healthy while working from home

Balance. Balance in life is very difficult in normal periods never mind around what we are going through at the moment. it’s always good to set diaries/timetables so you have a personal commitment to your own goals, family life, work/business and health training time.

For those of us who work from home, should we and when should we exercise?

Exercise plays a big part in the Health and well-being of your body. We should all be exercise g in some form.

Personally, I never say people should train at any specific time in the day. It needs to suit their routines and lifestyle. The main importance is creating habits that are sustainable and you can be consistent with. There are no specific benefits in which time you train during the day. Just stay focused and do what is best for you, whether that be early morning during your breaks or late evening.

Speaking of breaks. How often should we be taking them if we’re at home working?

Sitting for long periods of time especially when working at home can become very easy. It can difficult to have a break sometimes. Some ideas to balance or change that could be:

  • Set an alarm in 1 hour increments. Stand and walk around a room or climb the stairs a few times. This will help with oxygen and blood flow.
  • If you have children, WALK them to school and walk them home.
  • Take the dog for a walk (if you have one)
  • If you need to go to the shops, WALK if you can.
  • If you have any training equipment at home, use them in short bursts.
  • During your break, do some housework in parts. You burn a lot of calories just simply by vacuuming

It’s about creating sustainable habits that are consistent.

What about food? Should we be fridge raiding?

Personally, I believe five meals a day is a better option. If you are sat at home heavier, hearty meals can create lethargy. Healthier snacking throughout the day will help towards cognitive and work performance! Hydration is key as well 2-3 litres per day of water, juice, etc.

Where would you recommend we setup ‘office’?

Away from your normal place of relaxation. Have a dedicated area specific for work/calls. It sets your mind to “I’m at work now” mode. It’s the space to focus correctly on your duties / tasks. Sitting on your sofa or your bed will create mixed cognitive signals, so when it’s time to relax you won’t be able to fully.

Any other bit of advice you can give?

We all know our limits, it’s very easy to get caught up in our work. Dealing with this at home and potentially looking after kids at the same time can be a mammoth of a task. The key is to remain focused on each element of home & work and find a balance. Everyone is different so we’ll all have our own balance that works for us.

The result

So there you have it.. it’s mainly all about balance. Find your Ying & Yang, eat healthy, and keep active.

Dwayne offers a range of nutritional shakes and food supplements through his online distribution of Herbalife products. Visit his Go Herbalife store. You can follow Dwayne’s business journey via his Instagram account.

Do you have any tips for staying active and healthy while working from home? What do you do to keep active? let me know in the comments.


  1. This is a great interview with some really helpful tips. I’ve been working from home for a number of years, way before the pandemic started, so I haven’t had to adjust but I still struggle with balance sometimes. Doing a workout, going for a walk and doing Yoga in the morning before I properly start work though has been a game changer for me.


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