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Recipes and CookingHow to make the perfect Yorkshire Pudding

How to make the perfect Yorkshire Pudding

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You can’t beat a light, crisp Yorkshire pudding drizzled in loads of gravy. Here’s how to make the perfect Yorkshire pudding.

The Yorkshire pudding

The original purpose of t’ Yorkshire pudding was to be served with gravy as a starter. They used to be called ‘dripping puddings’. Wheat flour mix was traditionally placed under the meat as it roasts. The dripping fat would cook the pudding mix. They weren’t big and fluffy either, as we know them now.

According to the Royal Society of Chemistry, a Yorkshire pudding can’t be called a ‘Yorkshire pudding’, unless it’s at least 4 inches tall. They also give the recipe on how to make the RSC Yorkshire pud. Pfft! That’s science.. and I’ve made that recipe and that ain’t no Yorkshire pud, I tell thee.

Mams Yorkshire puddings

I remember when my Mam made Yorkshire’s. It was always in the same bowl, and that bowl could only be used for Yorkshire pudding batter. A 12 pot cake tin (bun tin if you’re from Yorkshire)was used and I was always told… never wash a Yorkshire pudding tray. No whisk involved, it was all done by hand with a tablespoon. I must admit, it was a similar recipe to that of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

She used to kind of beat it, if it sounded like a horse galloping then it was the right consistency. A technique passed down to her from her Mam and so on. They were always the best Yorkshire puddings!

My Yorkshire pudding

Sorry, Mam, I modified your recipe! Many years ago I changed my Mams recipe slightly. Partly as an experiment and partly due to quickness. For years I’ve made Yorkshire puddings this way and they always turn out golden brown, crispy and massive. Most of the time bigger than 4 inches… beat that Royal Society of Chemistry!

The perfect Yorkshire pudding isn’t perfectly symmetrical with a perfect circular centre like you see on the packets of the frozen ones. A perfect Yorkshire pud is big, light, crispy, and fluffy, with the ability to pour the gravy into it.

So… how do you make the perfect Yorkshire pudding? I’ll show you… and don’t forget, if you aren’t sure about any of the cooking abbreviations, have a look at my kitchen survival guide. Not sure what to put with your Yorkshire Puds? Check out fellow dad blogger, Dads Delicious Dinners website, Ian has a great, Easy Roast Dinner Recipe, featuring this recipe and a fantastic overview from another fellow dad blogger, Eddie from Yorkie Not Just for Dads on the different types of beef joint to have for a perfect roast dinner.

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  1. I love Yorkshire pudding. A roast beef dinner isn’t complete without it.

    This is one of the few things that I’ve learned to make better than my Mum. I found a recipe in a cookbook years ago and I’ve used it ever since.

    You’re making me hungry now. LOL


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