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How to celebrate Halloween during a pandemic

In this article, I’m going to look into how to celebrate Halloween during a pandemic. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Halloween was rumoured to be “cancelled” and everyone wanted a reason to celebrate something, even if it is to celebrate warding off ghosts.

It’s October, starting to get dark early, We’re starting to see the Halloween branded sweets we all love and know appearing on the supermarket shelves. There’s talk of a ‘Blue Moon’ set to appear on Halloween night. Just a few reasons for us all to start getting a little excited that we might be able to have a little fun.

However, we saw wave after wave of the pandemic in the UK so Trick or Treating was a little different.

How to celebrate Halloween during a pandemic

Overdo the decorations

halloween house decorations

Have a little competition with the neighbours, see who can decorate their houses best. Involve the kids and make your own decorations or decorate with store-bought ones.

Create a sweet graveyard

halloween tomb stones

This is quite a good idea, as it gives the kids away to trick or treat while socially distancing. Set up your front garden/drive area with fake tombstones and hide sweets or small gifts for kids to find.

Create a Trunk or Treat

This is an Americanised concept but still a good one. They usually organised events at schools, churches etc outdoors. It basically entails decorating the boot of your car in a Halloween style and kids go trick or treating from car to car.

trunk or treat

You could easily adapt this concept within your own neighbourhood by decorating the boots of your cars on your own driveway. Designate an adult (use hand sanitiser each time) to hand out the sweets to avoid loads of hands rummaging.

Nicky knocky nine doors

halloween treat parcels

This one is a good one. Make some goody bags, and pick your targets. Wait until the ghost is clear (see what I did there?), place a goody bag on your target’s doorstep, knock on the door and leg it!

Scavenger hunt

halloween scavenger hunt clues

Organise a scavenger hunt in your house. Theme your rooms or areas in your house and hide sweets, treats and gifts.

Pumpkin picking

pumpkin picking

Pumpkin patches are open, COVID guidelines will be in place. Days out with the kids have created a big guide to the best places to pick pumpkins near you in the UK. We visited Pontac Pumpkins which was local to us and was a great bit of fun.

Host Zoom Costume Parties and Pumpkin-Carving Contests

halloween zoom meeting

Host a zoom party for your friends or family. Whack on your playlist for everyone to shake their booOOty to and everyone shows off their costume. Have a pumpkin carving competition and see who can win a virtual prize.

Do you have your own ideas for creating new Halloween traditions this year? Pop your ideas in the comments, I’d like to hear them and share them. Whatever you do Be spooky, stay safe, and mask up!



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