Sunday, May 29, 2022


Should children study during the summer holidays

Should we be making our children study during the summer holidays, or should we allow them the freedom they deserve?

The Art of Parenting (aka war)

The art of Parenting is comparable to The Art of War. Anyone can be a parent, to succeed you need skills, tactics and a hard wall to whack your head on.

Alternatives to University

Is University all it’s cracked up to be? The lifestyle, the future prospects and the pitfalls. I look at the facts and alternatives to university.

Teaching kids about money

Teaching kids about money is an important part of their growing up. Lets give them a good start to a tricky road ahead.

The rise of the stay at home dad

I'm a stay at home Dad, Im the main care giver for my children. Yet society insists on associating only the 'Mums' as care givers.


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