Tuesday, June 28, 2022


If my washing machine could talk

Have you ever wondered what your washing machine would say to you if it could talk? My washing machine is now part of the family and acts like it too!

I spent the night elsewhere and regret it

Have you ever spent the night somewhere else and later, have a deep sense of regret. I did and I’d never do it again!

22 things that teenagers do that make no sense

I'd like to add a true definition of 'Teenager'. There's a lot of things that teenagers do that make no sense. So sit back and lets have a giggle.

9 Things new bloggers can relate to

Thinking of, finding and creating content that people will enjoy isn’t as easy and simple as it seems. Here are 9 Things new bloggers can relate to.

25 funny phrases your Mum says

Everyone remembers being told off by their parents. But phrases your mum says will stick with you for life. They’re like little pieces of history passed down through generations.


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