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Family LifeCelebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary

Celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary

June 2021 marks our 10 year wedding anniversary. And what a decade it’s been. 10 years on and we’re still as strong as we were when we first met.

10 year wedding anniversary

June 2021 will mark our 10 year wedding anniversary. 15 years together, 10 years married. And what a decade it’s been. 10 years on and we’re still as strong as we were when we first met.

10 years may not seem a lot to some, especially those who’ve been married many years. But to Mrs F and I, it means a fair bit. We’ve been through a lot together, both good and bad.

When we first met

Those who know is personally, wouldn’t think it, but, Mrs F and I couldn’t stand the site of each other when we first met. We’re all adults here (if you’re not, skip this bit)… We first met when I lived in Hull and Mrs F lived in Bridlington. And it’s probably fair to say, we were both on the rebound. Just looking for a bit of how’s ya father and job done.

She wasn’t for me and I know I definitely wasn’t her type. We didn’t click at all, nothing in common and no, nothing happened, not even a kiss. Long story short, after that night we both text each other with more than likely the intention to politely decline another “meet up”. That never happened. Something kept drawing us back together. Like something was intriguing us. Day after day, we kept meeting and got to know each other more and more. After about a month, I realised she was “the one”. Still to this day, 15 years later, I don’t know what it is that makes her “the one”. She just is. When you know, you know.

Our wedding day

5 years later, we got married. I’d Adopted Chloe and we had Lilly. I can still remember every detail of our wedding day. I can still feel the feelings I had on that day too. It was just a brilliant day all round.

We planned our wedding ourselves, We professionally designed and printed all of the wedding material, layouts, colour schemes, music, everything. Of course everyone gets pre wedding jitters and Mrs F and I were no different. Nothing a couple of whiskeys didn’t sort though. But at no point did it cross our minds “am I doing the right thing”. For me, I knew I was doing the right thing, no question, and I can and have always been able to see us growing old together.

However, the wedding wouldn’t have gone ahead if it wasn’t for the help of our friends and family. Help that Mrs F and I will always be great full for. So much so, I couldn’t even say my speech, because I ended up crying. “I’d like to thank everyone for coming, you don’t know how much it means…” that’s as far as I got.. but that was more than enough for people to understand how grateful we were.

I don’t want to babble on too much and reminisce. Well, I do, but for the sake of giving you a decade of events I won’t. What I will do though, is express what 10 years of marriage to my best friend means to me.

A letter to my wife on our 10 year anniversary

Mrs F,
10 years ago, you and I became husband and Wife. I remember the day, like it was yesterday.

We didn’t know what life was going to throw at us back then, but we knew that our love was genuine and unconditional.

Marrying you was the best thing I’ve ever done.

Over the last 10 years we’ve been pushed, pulled, tested and challenged. It’s fair to say, we’ve struggled. At times we’ve pushed each other to the absolute limit and continued to ask for more.

We’ve pushed each other out of our comfort zones and failed each other many times over.

In the last 10 years, we’ve, loved, inspired, encouraged, supported and grown together. We’ve simply loved each other.

We’ve soothed, reassured and held each other’s hand through the unpredictability of life. We’ve moved through loss and grief together.

We’ve taken big risks. We’ve shined light on the darker parts of ourselves. We’ve surrendered our old behaviours, wounds and stories.

We’ve birthed, created and worked damn hard to raise 3 amazing kids.

I’ve learnt through 10 years of marriage that it isn’t perfect. It requires effort and awareness and we navigate through our marriage by choice. A choice that we make everyday. A choice that becomes 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years and a lifetime. It’s a choice to return to each other day in, day out. Through thick and thin. Til death do us part.

You’ve been a rock to me for all of these years and I know you’ll continue to do so. You’ve been my confidant, my stress reliever my best friend, my everything.

In the 10 years we’ve been married, We’ve been to hell and back. We held hands all the way and never let go.

I’m grateful for every day we are together.

I Love You x
Mrs f and i at stewart park

The secret to a good marriage

“Yes dear…”

Ha ha, on a serious note, 10 years isn’t a long time. I don’t believe there is a secret or a perfect formula to a good marriage. I do know though that Mrs F and I are solid. We work together to make our marriage work. Team work. Communication, trust and many other aspects that you continuously improve on.

Mrs F is the best thing that has happened to me, with the exception of my kids of course.

Happy 10 Year anniversary Mrs F!



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