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Busy doing nothing

The summer 2021 holidays seem to have flown by this year. But I couldn’t tell you exactly what we’ve been doing for 6 weeks. I’m not sure how, but we’ve been busy doing nothing.

Summer Holidays

I was kind of looking forward to the summer holidays. I’m pretty sure the kids were too. They needed a good old free for all, with no restrictions. Just freedom to do what they wanted when they wanted. I must admit I was concerned, at first, as I did have a feeling my kid’s schools would insist on schoolwork over the summer break. Luckily for them, they didn’t. With the exception of the oldest, who HAD to catch up, due to her knee operation.

A family holiday was planned for Spain. With that came the anticipation of whether we could actually go or whether we couldn’t. Due to the random and ever-changing COVID-19 traffic light system ‘thing’, we didn’t know if we were literally coming or going.

Not set in stone, but plans were made to have days out with the kids, attractions and walks. It was set to be a pretty decent Summer break.

How we spent our summer holidays

How we actually spent our summer holidays was completely different to how we had anticipated it to be. We’ve spent 6 weeks being busy doing nothing at all. Our holiday to Spain was cancelled and will be replanned for next year. Unless the UK Government decide to change the traffic light system to some sort of COVID Speed camera system. Which would result in us having a 10% +2 days chance of going!

Family days out didn’t happen either. With the exception of one trip to Manchester to visit Dino Kingdom. A couple of small walks and a few trips to Redcar beach, that was pretty much it. Mrs F has been working her socks off for the entire duration of the holidays, so planning a family day out was tricky.

The oldest child has spent, pretty much the entire 6 weeks with her friends and boyfriend, so we’ve not seen her much. And the younger two have literally just wanted to stay indoors.

Busy doing nothing

I’ve found myself to be busy doing nothing, it would seem. In the sense that, I’ve been doing stuff, but don’t really know what I’ve been doing. The days just blended into 1 and by the time I’ve actually sat down to have a brew, it’s time to pick Mrs F up from work. I don’t even know what day it is today! On the plus side though, the front lawn has been well cut, my car got fixed, 2nd daughter got a new bed and the vacuum cleaner has been well used.

I’ve also seen the inside of supermarkets more than enough times to recite the entire planograms of each shelf. Humous? Yeah, aisle 4, 3rd fridge, 2nd shelf down, 3rd one in from the right. How and why do kids eat so much!? part of it was a double-edged sword. the younger two were bored, so they ate. But not too bored to sit there and pig out. We even ran out of beans.. who runs out of beans!? Running low on milk is one thing, running out of beans is a serious call for a Friday big shop. So although we haven’t actually done a great deal this summer holiday, it’s cost us a small fortune, keeping the cupboards full.

Back to school

So, it’s fair to say we’ve done pretty much nothing at all these holidays. It’s not even an exaggeration. Keeping ourselves busy doing nothing had actually created two monsters though. The attitude, the noise, the mess, the fights, the tantrums, the strops… I could keep going…

I can’t wait until they return to school. Just so I can have a breather. I’m not ashamed to say it, they’ve driven me around the bend! Parenting isn’t easy all of the time you know…

You often hear people say “they’re ready for a break” or “they’re ready to go back”. I don’t even know what that means, but I agree with it. My kids are ready to return to school. Well, I’m saying they are, even if they’re not ready.

I was recently talking to Eddie from Yorkie Not Just For Dads. He mentioned how this summer holiday felt similar to another lockdown, which hit the nail on the head. It has felt a little bit like a lockdown, and I’m not sure why. We’ve actually got all of this freedom now, and we chose to do nothing with it. Instead, the kids decided to play psychological warfare with us.

Return to normality

Normality will soon be resumed. A clockwork routine of taking Mrs F to work and School runs will return. I like a good routine. Although it can get repetitive, at least you know what you’re doing and what to expect.

aaaaaaand……. breath… I feel much better now I’ve got all of that off my chest.

Thanks for listening. How’s your summer holidays been?


  1. Haha I fear I have all this to come in the future!! It’s quite hard to do nothing with a 4 year old so our holidays are always mega busy! Also although I only have the one child he eats the same as 3 children so I can only imagine what our food bills become like when he is a teenager

  2. I am loving the idea of getting to know the local supermarket aisles so well! Oddly, we had quite a busy summer but stayed very much in the UK. Didn’t even plan an overseas break.

  3. I LOVE this post. Friday big shop, haha!

    My little one loves her beans and I can’t imagine trying to feed kids that are at home all day, for six whole weeks. We have a cheaper week when she’s at nursery a few days.

    Sometimes doing nothing though is waht everyone needs. A bit of chill time!

  4. You ran out of beans?!

    Growing up, I had so many do-nothing summer holidays, and I loved them. However, my parents would not agree; three kids at home for them meant very loud sibling arguments.

    I hope you can re-plan your holiday in Spain. Good luck with the new school term! I also like a good routine.


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