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ReviewsBalmonds Natural Skincare #AD

Balmonds Natural Skincare #AD


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I needed something that would help with my skin condition. Honestly, since the day I received a sample of Balmonds Natural Skincare products, I’ve never used anything else on my skin.

Disclaimer: I am an ambassador for the Balmonds Skincare brand. I receive products from Balmonds for my honest, unbiased reviews. This hasn’t influenced my opinion of the product in any way. This article also contains affiliate links. This means I earn a commission for products purchased through those links.

Balmonds Skincare

I have been using Balmonds Skincare products for a while now. If you have been following my blog you will have read, I have quite sensitive skin (and a delicate soul) and throughout 2020 and 2021 I have had a pretty intense journey with my skin.

It’s very rare you see men writing or even promoting “skincare” products unless it’s directly targeted at men. it has to look manly, smell manly and be branded bold and manly.

Back in 2020, I needed something that would help with my condition and the team at Balmonds reached out to me. It didn’t seem like a stereotypical ‘man product’, but I thought I would give it a go. Honestly, since the day I received a sample, I’ve never used anything else on my skin.

The Balmonds story

Balmonds aren’t just another skincare brand… they’re not part of a massive international organisation. They have a personal side to them. Natalie Balmond needed a cream that would help stop her daughter from itching and scratching at her skin.

She tried all sorts of creams that were prescribed by her doctor, but nothing worked, it just made her daughter’s skin more irritated. She set out, in her own kitchen, to use natural products to try and help her daughter. Natalie experimented with natural oils and herbs and so was born Skin Salvation. A 100% natural ingredient skin ointment that actually worked. Over the years Balmonds Skincare has developed and won awards for dozens of creams, ointments and oils that are all developed from locally sourced natural ingredients.

Balmonds Skincare products

Between myself and my family, we have used various Balmonds products, let me go through just a few of the Balmonds skincare products that we’ve used, some with brilliant results. If you’re interested in purchasing any of the skincare products from Balmonds, head over to their website and use Discount Code NORTHERNDAD20 to receive a 20% discount on your order.

Balmonds Skin Salvation

Balmonds Skin Salvation

This was the first product I tested and it massively reduced the redness, dryness and itchy feeling I had on my face. I wrote a separate review of Skin Salvation, with a 7-day diary, showing the results of using this ointment.

Skin Salvations is an all-natural moisturising balm. Its formulation reduces the risk of irritation and nourishes diminished skin with essential nutrients.

Balmonds Intensive Lip Balm

Balmonds Intensive lip Balm

I’ve always suffered quite bad with dry cracked lips. So it was a great addition. The Lip balm is very similar to that of Skin Salvation

The great thing about the ‘Lip balm’ is, it doesn’t have to just be used on your lips. You can actually use it on your lips, itchy eyes, sore nose etc. so great for the winter. Nothing worse than a sore nose from wiping it all of the time.

Balmonds Scalp Oil

Balmonds Scalp Oil

One of my daughters has always had a dry scalp, so the scalp oil was a clear choice. Just simply massage a good amount into your scalp and leave it on for a few hours or overnight then wash it out.

Made with antimicrobial tea tree, rosemary, omega-rich borage and hemp, and nettle, calendula and chickweed.

Balmonds Intensive Hand Cream

Balmonds Intensive Hand Cream

If you’re a regular ‘hand-washer’, which, I think we all are now. This hand cream is ideal. Its also ideal for those with eczema, dyshidrosis or psoriasis

Made with hemp seed oil, shea butter, chamomile and calendula. It doesn’t leave the skin oily and does keep your hands soft and supple.

Balmonds Intensive Facial Oil

Balmonds Intensive Facial Oil

It’s like food for your face, but can also be used on any part of your body.

It helps feed tired, delicate or damaged skin by providing your skin with the vitamins and nutrients it needs to stay soft

It is a pretty straightforward oil to use too, just drop a few drops of the oil onto the palm of your hand and pat it around your face.

Balmonds Rosehip Scar Oil

Balmonds Rosehip Scar Oil

When My daughter had major knee surgery, Rosehip oil was suggested to help with the appearance of the scar. Rosehip herb gives great regenerative properties.

The oil works by moisturising and nourishing the skin, providing it with the nutrients it needs within the regeneration and repair cycle, helping the top layer (epidermis) of skin supple and smooth.

Tried and tested

I’ve personally tried and tested all of the above-mentioned products, this is only a small amount of products that Balmonds offer. If you have sensitive skin or a skin condition that requires delicacy, then you’ll know, you only use a product that you can trust. Balmonds products are a product I can trust, and with all-natural ingredients, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, it’s definitely worth giving them a try. All of their products make a great gift too!

Balmonds discount code

Head over to the Balmonds website, order some products and apply my discount code NORTHERNDAD20 for 20% off and give their products a go. You won’t be disappointed.


Natural Ingredients
Cost effective


The Balmonds products I have tested so far have all produced results, beyond what I was expecting. the condition of my skin has improved massively. You do pay a slightly higher price for their products, but, all of their products are handmade and hand-poured, not to mention organically and locally sourced natural ingredients. Products like this are worth the premium.
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