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Am I too old to ride a BMX?

I was born in the late 80’s and grew up in the 90’s, a time of playing out in BMX groups, but am I too old to ride a BMX?

It’s the end of weekend, Saturday was the day to build a console table from my left over pallets, Sunday was planned as a lazy day. Other than doing ‘Dad stuff’ like tidying the garage and just general tinkering around, it was indeed a lazy day!

As I’ve said in my post about transforming your house for free, I like to have a good mooch on Facebook and Gumtree for freebies. So, Sausage casserole demolished, time for a sit down, just to let the food coma wear off. You know the feeling… you eat your Sunday lunch and then all of a sudden you get that immense feeling of tiredness where you can’t even be bothered to move, so you just rest your head on the table for a nap!

If it’s free, it’s for me!

So, I’m mooching through Facebook and come across a grass strimmer for free, I don’t need one but I got it anyway. Just in case I need it for parts of course! Well at least that’s what I kept telling myself. Next, I spot a BMX. It’s a little old and needs a good bit of T.L.C(not the 90’s girl group). I messaged the seller and it’s mine, I’ve got no use for it at all, but it was free and I like fixing things.

In a short space of time I got the bike rideable. So I jump on it for the obligatory ride in a circle around the street with the odd bounce, just to make sure the wheels are ok.. why do we do that?? The psychology of “the bounce check” consists of: are the nuts tight enough? Yup!, are the tyres pumped up enough? Yup, do I look like I know what I’m doing?, hopefully!.


The minute I get on the BMX, it took me straight back to my preadolescence, the time when my voice was breaking and I sounded like an accidental yodeller. The time when we used to “play out” around the streets, playing kirby and the lads all had bmx’s that we’d upgraded from the spokey dokeys, to a squashed can of Netto cola on the back wheel, so it sounded like a motorbike. Without helmets or knee pads, because we reached that stage of bike status where we were invincible. Regardless of the fact that my mum measured my head with a tape measure and spent a fortune in Halfords on a helmet I was never wear.

coke can back wheel

As I’m riding around in a circle in my street “checking” the bike, I’m thinking “I want to keep this!” I’m 36.. will I look like a right tool riding a BMX? I’m stuck in that young dad stage where I’m thinking safety… “would I need a helmet, if I fall off I could hurt myself!”. I bought a Renault Scenic because of its safety rating! (And it’s very practical).

No brakes! No Brakes!

On my final lap of the street, I picked up a bit of speed, down the drive, heading for the garage, with every intention to pull a rear wheel skiddy, just to see if I could do it.. Brakes didn’t work! WOLLOP! straight into the work bench! Luckily there was no injury. If there was I’d have got ‘that look’ you get off your significant other that basically says “you’re an idiot”.

Im 36… Dad of 3. At no point have I considered that my kids might want the BMX. Why would they!? It’s all about phones & TikTok now. Would they understand the importance of making your bike sound like a Harley Davidson? Or the significance of how high up the ‘BMX hierarchy’ you are because you can give someone a croggy without falling off?

So my question stands… Am I too old to ride a BMX?


  1. Hi Damion.
    You know that saying for when you are window-shopping and there is no price-tag attached to the item in question? It goes along the lines of “If you have to ask how much it is, you probably can’t afford it!”.
    I suspect something similar applies here 🙂


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