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ReviewsCeramic safety knives by Slice Products #AD

Ceramic safety knives by Slice Products #AD

When it comes to the workplace, craft or DIY, safety should be your number 1 priority. The ceramic safety knives by Slice Products are a safer alternative to steel bladed knives. They are safe to the touch but still move through materials, smoothly and with less effort.

Disclaimer: I was gifted these products by Slice Products for my honest, unbiased review. This hasn’t influenced my opinion of the product in any way. This article does not contain affiliate links. This means I will not earn a commission for products purchased through those links.

Safety First

Let me ask you this… How many times have you cut yourself using a utility or craft knife? I’ve lost count of how many times I have. For me, it’s not inexperience, it’s overconfidence and not thinking ‘safety first. and I’m sure there are many of you out there that do the same. Whether you’re in the workplace, a DIYer or a crafter, it’s likely you will at some point use some sort of blade. I’m also quite confident saying you certainly wouldn’t allow your child to use one for crafting. I know I certainly wouldn’t.

Workplace injuries

The three most common workplace injuries are cuts, lacerations and punctures. Granted some of these happen with specialist machinery, but most are caused by some form of a cutting tool. According to the HSE, the cost of workplace injuries in Great Britain is a staggering £5.6billion a year. Varying reasons cause this high cost, lack of adequate training, lack of safety procedures and use of the incorrect tool for the job at hand.

DIY and Craft Injuries

I’m an avid DIYer and I openly admit, that I don’t use a utility knife as it is intended. For example, I have a proper cable stripping tool, but I use a utility knife to cut and splice the cable. Stupid, yes, irresponsible, yes, safe, definitely not. And I bet I’m not the only one who does that. Partly it’s down to quickness and partly overconfidence. I’ve cut myself many times out of lack of concentration. Many Crafters use a pointed craft knife for intricate detailing, although they do the job well, that sharp-pointed metal tip, hurts like hell if you slip, and they go deep!

Let me ask you this… How many times have you opened a parcel with a pair of scissors, wide open with one of the blades cusped in your hand, while you score the tape with the other? I’m guessing, many times? Am I wrong?

Ceramic Safety Knives by Slice Products

Let me introduce you to Slice Products. Slice is a manufacturer of safety cutting products. Many Knife manufacturers redesigned their cutting tools for ergonomic safety. Slice Products redesigned the blade itself for improved safety. They are the only manufacture that has done this.

Slice Safety Utility Knife And Craft Knife

Their ceramic knives have been tested and proven to last up to 11.2x longer than a standard metal blade. They’re safer and more durable. Slice offers a large range of safety cutting knives from box cutters, to utility knives, to seam rippers.

Putting ceramic safety knives to the test

I was gifted 2 knives to trial. One was the Utility knife and one was the Craft knife. As you can imagine, I was a little dubious. I was used to the good old metal blade. Ceramic… pfft, one slice of a carpet and it will be useless. I know this from experience, carpet is a utility knifes Achilles heal. Let’s have a look at the Utility safety knife first.

Utility Safety Knife

Slice Safety Ceramic Utility Knife


First off, the design of the tool itself looks a bit simple, but when you hold the tool it’s ergonomic, sits in your hand snug and you feel like you’ve got a good hold of it. It’s been designed with an ambidextrous mindset with an additional blade holder at the back end of the tool.


The tool is made of durable heavy metal with a textured finish. The blade was the thing I was dubious about. The initial thought of a ceramic blade just didn’t sit comfortably with me, it felt like it was too light to be able to cut anything of substance. Straight to the test, I cut multiple pieces of carpet. I know from experience this would blunt the blade quite quick. To my surprise, it didn’t. I went from cutting multiple pieces of carpet to effortlessly gliding through a piece of paper. So I scored a piece of MDF multiple times, then cut some more carpet and still the same blade cut the piece of paper smoothly. The blade itself does have some flexibility in it, but at no point, when I apply a lot of pressure did the blade crack or snap.


Slice products advertise that it’s safe to touch the blade edge. So, I put it to the test. I don’t recommend doing this, it’s still a knife at the end of the day. A few strokes of the blade across my fingers and nothing, it didn’t even feel sharp. If anything it felt like I was running a pencil across my finger.

Placing Ceramic Utility Blade On Skin
This was purely for demonstration purposes only. It is NOT recommended to try this. Although safe to do so, the ceramic blade is still a cutting blade.

I added a bit of pressure to the pad of my palm and nothing. I then cut a piece of paper and it cut through it effortlessly. This filled me with confidence, that if I used this knife and I slipped, my chances of injury are minimal. The blades last up to 11.2x longer, which means fewer blade changes, which means, less chance of injury.

Ceramic bladed craft knife

Slice Safety Craft Knife


The ergonomics of the craft knife is quite nice. It’s equivalent in size to a pencil and as light as one too. It has a weighted no-roll design so makes it easy to handle for precision work.

Alfie Using Slice Ceramic Craft Knife


I wanted to put it to the test, with it being a smaller thinner blade. So who best to try it out other than my kids. They love doing craft stuff, cutting and sticking. It does worry me when I see Alfie with a pair of scissors in his hand, not that he is incapable, but purely from a safety aspect. Both kids put the craft knife to the test, under my supervision. They cut various shapes out from their recent birthday cards and bookmark cards. Different size thicknesses and gloss cards. They both added quite a bit of pressure to the blade as they were cutting, to the point where the ceramic blade was bending slightly. It’s usually at this point when you know the blade will snap. It stood up to the test. The same blade was used on various types of cards and paper and still cut through smoothly.

Lilly Using Saftery Craft Knife


Similar to that of the utility knife, I ran the blade over my fingers and nothing happened. The ceramic blade is really durable. Knowing that my kids can use this knife gives me confidence knowing the chance of injury is minimal.

Are Ceramic Safety Knives better than steel

Steel blades are extremely sharp and can easily cut skin. Ceramic blades aren’t as sharp but are just as effective, if not, more effective. I guess it all boils down to personal preference, cost and safety requirements. After trialling the safety knives from Slice Products, I will definitely be converting to Ceramic Blades.

Do Ceramic blades cost more

The cost difference between Steel and Ceramic blades is quite large. you would have to work out your usage against cost. you can buy a set of 50 steel utility blades for around £4.

The cost of just 2 blades from Slice Products is, at the time of writing this £21.99. Which is quite pricey. However, what price do you put on your own or your colleague’s safety though? The room I carpeted recently approx 21m squared, I used 5 steel blades. If I had used a blade from Slice, I would have only used one.

I trialled these products from a safety perspective and they definitely live up to the safety aspect. To me, the cost of the blade is negligible against the cost of serious injury.


True to word on safety


Slice safety knives are brilliant. Tough and durable. Safe on skin and they do last A LOT longer than standard steel blades.


  1. A superb insightful as well as helpful article!
    I never read about these types of knifes but now i have all the details i am going to buy them and gift mom so that she can make much more delicious recipies with her new sharp knifes.
    Reading it was a satisfactory experience.
    Good Day.


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Slice safety knives are brilliant. Tough and durable. Safe on skin and they do last A LOT longer than standard steel blades.Ceramic safety knives by Slice Products #AD