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ReviewsA bit of crunch with Love Corn #AD

A bit of crunch with Love Corn #AD

Love Corn is a delicious, crunchy roasted snack. The corn kernels are packed with flavour. They’re sugar free, gluten free and vegan.

Disclaimer: I was gifted a VIP product by Love Corn for my honest, unbiased review. This hasn’t influenced my opinion of the product in any way. This article may contain affiliate links. This means I earn a commission for products purchased through those links.

We need a savoury alternative

If you’ve read my previous posts regarding food, you’ll know my family are the pickiest eaters going. We snack a lot. Biscuits, crisps, sweets, and chocolate. Although we’re fully aware that, what we’re eating is full of sweeteners, sugars, additives, fats, and oils.

Basically, we need a healthier snack in our house. There’s nothing wrong with snacking, but it has to be healthy, right? My lot won’t eat things like dried fruit, or any of the ‘fancy’ healthy food. They’d quite happily munch on a bag of nuts or crisps. We need an alternative to crisps and nuts…

Introducing Love Corn

Love Corn Vip Packaging

Love corn is a premium crunchy corn snack. They’re sugar free, gluten free and vegan. What’s a premium crunchy corn snack!? Well, put simply, they are lightly roasted and flavoured corn kernels. That’s it. Nothing more and nothing less.

The guys and girls over at Love Corn, sent me and my family a VIP box, to try out. I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first. I like corn on the cob, I like sweetcorn, I like popcorn and I like the flakes of corn you get as cereal. But… Roasted, flavoured corn?

In my VIP box, I got, 12 bags of different flavoured corn, a love corn tote bag, and a really useful bobble hat! In addition, I also received a box of snacking, on-the-go bags of corn.

Taste test

Ok, so within my family, I have two adults, who eat, but its just easier to snack. A Teenager who doesn’t stop eating, an 11 year old and a 4 year old who both eat quite healthy to be fair, but still eat like you wouldn’t believe. So as you can imagine when the delivery arrived they wanted to open it up straight away. So we did.

First up, the packaging and branding looks great. I wouldnt say it screams premium, but it is well executed and very eye catching. Quite fun and catchy too.

Love Corn Close Up Of Corn Kernels

We open them and are greeted with, well, corn. They’re a simple, healthy snack after all. Lets get stuck in with the taste test.

Sea Salt flavour.

Love Corn Sea Salt Flavour

We were really surprised. They’re definitely crunchy. But as far as flavour goes it’s just sea salt flavour, so I can’t really tell you much, other than Love Corn is definitely crunchy. Let’s try another one.

Smoked BBQ flavour.

Ok, Lilly had already moved onto the BBQ flavour before anyone else. Very smokey, very much a BBQ flavour. Quite morish, actually. Everyone liked the BBQ flavour.

Salt & Vinegar flavour

Love Corn Salt And Vinegar Flavour

These are a bit of a fail safe flavour. Everyone likes Salt and Vinegar in our house. They went down quite well. They’re quite strong flavoured. But if you’re an adult and having a glass of vino or a beer, they actually do work really well together.

Habanero chilli flavour

Love Corn Habanero Chilli Flavour

The habanero flavour isn’t that strong when you munch on a few corns. It’s quite a pleasant flavour… then, whollop! A mouth full of explosive flavour. Quite a firey after taste, but nice. Again, very morish.

A great alternative to crisps!

Honestly, I never thought roasted corn kernels would be such a hit in this house. But they are. The kids love them and take a pack to snack on during home learning. They are very healthy too. I mean, the ingredients on the sea salt flavour, is literally… “corn, sea salt, sunflower oil“. They’re gluten-free and vegan. So great all around.

Love corn discount code

In addition to a healthy snack, these would be great as a replacement for croutons on salads or soups. Or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, in a curry, maybe?

If my review of love corn has tickled your tastebuds, then why not order yours with a 20% discount. Just visit their website,, place your order and add discount code CRUNCH20 at the checkout.


Suitable for Vegans


Great all-around snack. Simple ingredients, no gimmicks. Has a great price point too!


  1. Strange timing! My partner recently got a beer subscription, and a pack of the smoked BBQ love corn came with it. I wasn’t sure at first, as I am also a picky eater, but these were genuinely delicious. I’m not even a fan of corn, but we couldn’t stop eating these. I can’t believe they are healthy. My partner and I were sad that we only got one pack, and since we hadn’t seen them before, we didn’t know they were sold in packs! Thank you for introducing the different flavours. I need to try the salt and vinegar ones! Just checked the link as well, they come in such big packs, which is a pleasant surprise. Thank you for sharing.


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Great all-around snack. Simple ingredients, no gimmicks. Has a great price point too!A bit of crunch with Love Corn #AD