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Family LifeA well needed break

A well needed break

We went on a big family holiday at the end of June and I wasn’t fully aware of my mental state until it was time to relax. I was coming up to a well needed break

Me time

It’s easy to think that as a stay at home dad I would have loads of time on my hands. You’d be wrong. I’ve mentioned it before, being a stay at home parent can be and is quite demanding and sometimes draining.

Day to day life becomes monotonous, the daily repetitive dog walks, the daily running Mrs F to and from work, the school runs and many other things become repetitive. Since our last holiday a lot has happened. I’ve lost my Grandma to dementia, we’ve had the COVID-19 pandemic and I’ve lost my father to Cancer. On top of that I’ve had my own health conditions to deal with. Although, I’ve finally now been diagnosed with Ferguson Smith Syndrome.

Personally, the last three years has seriously taken its toll on my mental health. Since the loss of my Dad I’ve suffered terribly with health anxiety. I became paranoid about EVERYTHING health relating to me.

I very rarely took the time to analyse me and take stock of everything it’s just been go, go, go all of the time. We’re a busy family so there is very little ‘Me time’.

Sun, Sea, Sand and Blisters

The in-laws booked a holiday to Costa Brava and kindly invited us along. A spacious villa with mile long views of the Balearic sea and a private pool. Sounds like just what we needed! There was plenty of sun and the heat was unreal.

Family in airport

However none of us anticipated just how high up a mountain the villa actually was. Eight hundred and fifty five feet above sea level to be precise. With no public transport readily available, our options were to walk to the city centre or get a taxi. Some of us tried the walk and failed, some of us tried the walk and returned with injuries.

Yep – that was Lilly and I, we walked a total of eight miles. In sweltering heat and not enough water. Although we did manage to get to the beach! The entire ‘adventure’ was one of the funniest things we’ve done. Walking up a 45 degree incline for a mile with a thirteen year old mumbling away. “I don’t know why I do this things with you, I can’t carry on I’m staying here.”

Although I don’t condone her swearing, in this instance, it was perfectly justified. It was really tough but hilarious! The result was blisters on our feet, lots of them and a serious case of DOMS in our calf’s.

A well needed break

You don’t fully appreciate how much you deal with in life until you actually stop and take stock of everything. Holidays, breaks, vacations, whatever you want to call them do give you time to think and put things into perspective. Although we’ve had quite a busy holiday I have had time to think and take stock of a few things.

How I approach and manage a few situations is another matter, but at least I have had the time to relax and analyse myself.

The return home

I’m no exception to holiday blues, and I’m sure I’ll get over it, but I’m happy in the knowledge that I’ve had a good rest from the daily monotony and been able to analyse myself. The kids have had a whale of a time, celebrating their birthdays and being able to swim 24/7.

Alfie and Lilly in pool

They too have endured many mental challenges over the last few years and are ready for their return home.

For the first time since 2019 I feel my mind is much clearer and I have more focus. I’m looking forward to putting a few plans into action, and hopefully I can reveal them soon.

Where will our next holiday be…



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