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A month of fixing stuff

Normally, at the start of a new year, people take it relatively easy. Not me… I’ve had a month of fixing stuff.

Fixer of broken things

So, the new year kicked in and I had a few plans, none of them really involved anything over the top. Just a few little tasks that needed doing that would have normally taken about 30 minutes max.

I had three tasks I’d set myself to do, fix some loose taps finish wallpapering 1 wall and make a few updates to my blog. Really simple straight forward stuff. Erm, no, it wasn’t. We’re nearly at the end of January and I’ve literally just finished two of the tasks I’d set myself and a couple of additional tasks. I’ve not procrastinated either, although, I wish I had.

Many ‘jobs’ that need doing in my house very rarely go straight forward. It’s one of the houses that jack built. It has had so many ‘modifications’ over the years and all have been completed, really badly. More like bodgit & scarper jobs. I had it all planned, do the techy stuff first, then taps, then wallpaper Lilly’s bedroom wall. Which I’d actually decorated before Christmas, but ran out of time to finish the feature wall before the Christmas shenanigans.

Website problems

I decided, in my infinite wisdom to make a few updates to some posts and my blog first, then tackle the ‘easy’ DIY jobs. Partly knowing what would await me, if I started fixing a loose tap.

Regular readers will know I enjoy tinkering around with WordPress, but this job was pretty straightforward, update plugins, update some post content and make some tiny design change. All straightforward stuff. Nope… my website broke. Honest, I didn’t touch a thing! Well I did, I pressed update and one of the plugin updates knackered everything up. Long story short, it took me the best part of a week to replace a bad plugin and fix the errors it caused. A plugin that is well known and has millions of active users… they messed up, I now use a different plugin, that’s actually better. Something good did come out of the kerfuffle I had with my website though. It now performs much better and Google page speed agrees too!

Tighten those bath taps

The next job was to tighten the bath taps. They’ve been loose for about 5 years, but they’d become really loose! This job is as pretty simple as it sounds. Whip the bath panel off, grab a monkey wrench, tighten the flanges, job done. Again… NOPE! It actually took two days, yep, two days to tighten a pair of taps.

It was an absolute nightmare of a job. The flanges were plastic, so they would have always come loose anyway. Not to mention they were both broken. So a quick trip to the hardware shop for some brass flanges, then I had to turn the water off to the two taps. Which again, should be straightforward, but NO not in this house. Someone had decided they didn’t want the bath taps next to the toilet so they decided to turn the bath around. This makes absolute sense because everyone wants to chill out in a nice bath with their head right next to the bog!

Underneath Bath Fixing Taps

Did I mention the stop taps were below the floor level and I had to squeeze my dad bod between the toilet and get my head under the bath with my arm wrapped around my neck? No? Well, I did. Anyway, the taps got fixed, tightened and fixed in place properly.

Upon putting the bath panel back on, it was apparent that it wasn’t even the right size. As you can imagine I dropped the F-bomb a few times towards an inanimate object. I had a quick look on Facebook to get a new bath panel for cheap, which I did and the correct size too. Except… the genius who turned the bath around didn’t take the previous tiles off the wall and tiled over them so that made the bath panel too long. So that had to be modified too! I only wanted to tighten two loose taps!

Fixed Bath Taps New Bath Panel

TV aerial

This wasn’t really a fix-it job, but as usual, it was a chew on! With the ever-increasing costs of EVERYTHING, Mrs F and I decided we would start cutting some of our costs. One of these cost cuts was seeing whether we actually needed 230 channels on our TV. We don’t, no one does! We realised that we were actually paying a fortune for a TV package where we only watched 6 of the channels that you can’t get on standard Freeview. It was time for the TV package to go.

However… if we want Freeview, we need an aerial socket. We have one, as you’d expect in any house. But this is our house. It turns out the TV aerial in the living room was connected to a radio aerial. I have no idea why, but it wasn’t an issue, I would just attach the new cable in the loft and pull the new cable through the existing hole. HAHA… that didn’t happen either!

Me In Loft Running Tv Aerial Cable

As usual, the brilliant workmanship of others was shocking. So a job that probably should have taken maybe 30 minutes to pull and connect a cable, turned into 4 hours of drilling new holes, pulling a new cable and connecting the aerial in a loft that’s smaller than a shoebox!

Three weeks later

I still haven’t wallpapered the wall. It’s literally a three-meter wall, I haven’t had a chance to go and buy the wallpaper. I’m sure it will get done.

The jobs are all done now, apart from wallpapering, but it’s taken three weeks to do a few jobs. It’s been a right pain in the derrière, quite literally. The muscles in the back of my legs and butt cheeks are killing! At least other peoples bodge jobs have been fixed until the next lot of jobs come about that is.


  1. Oh the joys of DIY. It’s part of the reason I was more than happy to settle for a new build when we moved in to this place. Our previous house was rather like your current one: it had been adapted and mended and bodged about with massively. the place we’re looking to move to. . . well that requires quite a bit of work!

    Anyway, my most recent DIY idea was to downsize the massive desk I used to work at and work at a work station. Should have been easy, yet days later I still haven’t got everything set up properly because I have struggled to buy a laptop docking station.


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