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A letter to my younger self

This year has given people a lot of time to reflect on a lot of things, family, friends, goals and general life itself. If you could write a letter to your younger self what would you say, what advice would you give?

As I’m sat chilling out on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I wonder if I should write a letter to my younger self and give me some advice to give me a bit of a heads up for the future.

Here’s my letter to my younger self.

Dear Damion,

Well done! You’ve made it adulthood. Remember when you were a little lad and you would tell your mam that you couldn’t wait to be a grown up?

You were in such a rush to grow up, with no thought on the present day. You were always ahead of yourself in some ways. Well, this year will have marked your 36th birthday and wow! You will have learnt an awful lot about yourself by the time you celebrate it.

There’s a few things I’d like to say to, take them as good advice to set you up in good stead for the future:

Don’t ever be afraid to be yourself. You won’t realise this until later but being genuine to who you are is an invaluable gift. Believe in yourself, nobody can be you. That’s your superpower, and every kid likes a super hero.

You will spend a lot of this stage of your life trying to be someone you’re not. You will spend your time trying to impress others by becoming another version of you.

Get to know who you really are and don’t be afraid to cut people off during this transition. Those people won’t tolerate this and unfortunately you will reap the repercussions of this. You will get through it though and become the person you truly are.

Unfortunately, entrusting your loyalty with others will play a part in your life. Sadly this trust will be broken many times with negative effects on your life during your late 20’s. 

There will be moments that will test you through your 30’s though. They will mold you into the strong and self-sufficient person you will eventually become. Remember to stop worrying about things that you can’t control. Let go, have faith and trust the process. Whatever that process may be.

Many people will walk in and out of your life: some will be a blessing to you and some will be a huge burden. 

You will lose touch with the ones you once held close to you and you will unfortunately lose people even closer to you. You’ll find the strength you need through the love and support of those who remain close.

You get married & have kids! (Yeh you do!)

Family on a dog walk

You will ignore your gut so many times. You will have to make so many decisions that are tough but they have to be made. Don’t worry what others will think, just go for it. 

Closed doors and new beginnings are not something to kick yourself over. New beginnings will lead you to something that’s even greater than what you once had.

You’ll have walked away from a career you thought that was meant for you but it will be all worth it in the end.

Live your life on your own terms.

As you enter your 30’s, you may not be where you want to be and that’s OK. Everybody has a different journey. Hold your head high and continue to run your own race and be proud of what you’ve achieved so far.

Be strong, keep looking forward you’ve got a hell of a ride ahead of you.

Speak to you later

Damion (36 years old)

If you could give your younger self once piece of advice, what would it be?


  1. Beautiful. If only we really could do this. I honestly think it could change so much for us. Although I guess sometimes we need to have these highs and lows to be the person we are now.

    So many life lessons that I wish I knew. One big one for me is I wish I listened to my parents more… Mainly because I wish my pre-teen would listen to me! Stop thinking he knows best! But I know I was the same, I must have drove them mad!

  2. Probably say “When you are at school don’t waste time on trying to get a girlfriend and instead spend more time with your friends. Life doesn’t have to be a movie where you meet a girl at school, fall in love and live happily ever after”


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