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ReviewsReview; 88Vape Vaping Products

Review; 88Vape Vaping Products

In an attempt to make more of an effort to quite smoking, I find myself turning more to vaping products. My choice of products are those from 88Vape.

Disclaimer: This is a none affiliated review. It is solely based on the opinions of myself, I have received no commission(s) or been gifted for this review.

If you’ve been out and about doing your usual Friday big shop you will have no doubt seen 88Vape products on the shelves of many stores. Poundland, Home Bargains, Asda & B&M to name a few.

88vape logo

88Vape. Is a relatively new company, launched in 2013, with the intention of filling a gap in the vape market. That ‘gap’ is the affordability gap for those who want to quite smoking and vape as an alternative. Based in Trafford Park, Manchester, they have there own manufacturing facility which allows them to achieve their intention by keeping their manufacturing costs low.

Which vaping products are right for me?

It depends entirely on the individual. I’ve been vaping for quite some time, on and off with the intention to quit smoking, but life happens and I lost the will power to do so. I’ve tried many vaping products and none have really ‘satisfied’ my need for a cigarette, until I tried 88Vape’s products. More on that later.

There are many, many vaping products out there and many people will tell you what product you should buy based on their own experience. I, personally am not one for massive plumes of smoke, I don’t want to look like I’ve just walked out on to the stage of ‘Stars in their Eyes’.

Some of the products I have tried in the past, where expensive. The vape pens and the liquids were and still are overly priced with very little effect. Some gave more vapor and no ‘kick’ and some gave a good ‘kick’ but no vapor at all, psychology I needed that balance of a ‘kick’ with the right amount of vapor, so it felt like I was having a cigarette.

What is PG & VG

It turns out during my trials of different vaping products and the lack of vapor or in some cases too much vapor, it’s the mix of the eliquid that causes this.

I won’t go into it too much as 88Vape has a good informative website. Basically eliquid comprises of a mix of Propylene Glycol and Vegitable Glycerin. Liquids with a higher PG to VG ratio are usually of a thinner consistency and are ideal for vape pens. Where as a higher VG to PG ratio tend to be thicker and give plumes of vapor ideal for tanks, mods etc.

88vape fruity eliquids

Finding the right vape pen

I wasn’t looking for one of the fancy tanks that are digital and give big vapor. I just wanted something that can easily fit in my pocket, sleek and I can just have a vape when I wanted without someone thinking the Hogwarts express was coming.

vape tank

So on a trip to B&M I came across a shelf full of 88vape products. Very colourful packaging, drew my attention straight away. All of the 10ml liquids were £1 with a couple of pens ranging from £5.99 to £16.99.

First impressions were.. “heyup.. cheap and nasty vape stock“. I thought for £7 it’s worth a try, so I opted for the “Classic Vape Pen” and fruit twist 11mg/g.

After unboxing, charging the pen and filling the clearomiser up, the product, if I’m honest felt like an entry level product. I guess if I hadn’t vaped at all prior to buying the Classic Vape Pen I would think it’s right for a first timer.


The “drag” you take when using the classic pen was a little loose, I felt like I had to give it a good inhale, but saying that the hit I got was exactly what I was wanting from a vape product. Straight to the back of the throat with an exhale of a small amount of vapor. The battery on the classic vape pen is quite good too, but again this depends how much you vape. Charge time is pretty speedy. So for a product I call “entry level“ it is actually quite good, ideal if you’re a starter or quitter, depending on which way you look at it.

Flavoured eliquids

88Vape have a huge range of flavours. Tobacco, fruit twist, black current, lemon sherbert, menthol, arctic cherry to name just a few. They’re all in different strengths and mixtures, which is a little disappointing when you want an 11mg Lemon Sherbert. It’s not an issue if you just buy the flavours just for the sake of buying a flavour, like I do. To be fair how many people have you seen lighting up a watermelon and smoke it!?

88vape 10ml eliquids scaled

The flavours are a nicety to me, my needs are the ‘kick’, the flavours are a bonus. Each of the 10ml liquids are priced at £1. It may seem ‘a bit cheap’ but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Good vapor quality, good flavour and taste and very affordable. A lot of the flavours are more flavoursome than the “up market” £6.99 liquids you can buy.

Upgrading my vape pen

After being pleasantly surprised with the result I was getting from the Classic Vape Pen I decided on an upgrade. So I opted for the ‘Deluxe Vape Pen’.

88vape deluxe vape pen scaled

The Deluxe Vape Pen cost around £10, which is still affordable. Equivalent to one pack of cigarettes and lasts a lot longer. It’s heavier than the ‘Classic’ and less ‘plasticky’. It has a bigger battery so lasts longer than the ‘classic’. It uses a coil rather than a ‘wick’ type clearomiser so there’s no need to change the clearomiser every couple of weeks. The Deluxe Vape Pen is my product of choice. I get the right ‘kick’ and the right amount of vapour I’ve been trying to get for quite some time.

Overall 88vape products are top notch in my opinion, they’re bringing new product technology out regularly with new pens, tanks and pods. They’re great quality products, great flavour liquids with really good price points.

88vape logo


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