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22 things that teenagers do that make no sense

There are a lot of things teenagers do that make no sense at all these days. Don’t get me wrong I think teens are genuinely brilliant. They’re Smart, focused, and full of really good ideas. But let’s be honest though, they are a right pain in the backside.

Parenting a teenager

Parenting a child isn’t easy. We just go with the flow and hope your kids are happy and content. Making our own manual up as we go, just in case we have another one. That is until the child hits 13 years old. Where’s chapter 13!? there’s no chapter 13! You ring your own parents… “Have you got to chapter 13!?”. They laugh at you and hang up.

There’s always that little bit of hope that your teenager doesn’t actually turn out like a stereotypical teen and they’re quite well mannered, have a good outlook on life and always take pride in everything they do. So you start winging it and make notes just in case.

The Teenager

The Cambridge Dictionary defines a teenager as:

A young person person aged between 13 and 19 years old


That’s it!? They’re not wrong. A teenager is 13 to 19 years old. But I’d like to add a true definition of a Teenager. So, sit back, and let’s have a giggle.

The look

Purely based on the look they give you first thing on a morning. You have about 20 seconds to determine if saying “good morning” is actually worth it or not.

Don’t forget to set your alarm

If their alarm is set for 6:55 am and you try to wake them up at 6:53 am be prepared for an all-out strop because you woke them up early.

The big tidy up

Their bedroom will only ever become immaculate, verging on show home standards, if their partner is coming round or there is a group Zoom meeting happening. Other than that your teen is comparable to Stig of the Dump.

how parents see daughters date meme

You’re not even funny

Nothing you can do could possibly make your teen crack a smile. Even if the situation is genuinely funny. The muscular effort it would take to smile is far too much to handle.


Teens become, gourmet chefs, but only when there is no adult in the house. A gourmet meal consists of making an omelet, trying to flip it, and realising they’re now making scrambled eggs.


When you tell your teen what’s for dinner and they tell you they’re not hungry. Within minutes of cleaning up after dinner, they come in and say “can I make a snack, I wasn’t hungry at the time”

Image is everything

Walking around the house in your Pyjamas all day is acceptable. Going out looking like you’ve been attacked by a washing basket is acceptable. As parents, we cannot criticise what they are wearing because whatever we wear is just embarrassing.

Slip of the tongue

The moment when your teen forgets they are with their parents and swear in front of you. It’s hilarious, no apology is needed.

Social Life

They’re too busy having a social life via Snapchat to possibly be involved in anything to do with their family. THEY HAVE A LIFE ASWELL YOU KNOW!

Intelligently dense

Teenagers these days put us to shame sometimes with their intelligence. But damn they are proper thick at times. The most common sense things seem to be the most complicated.


We understand nothing. We will never understand. Obviously, as parents we just appeared at the age we are now and didn’t age from birth.

Answer my text

Is it that difficult to reply to a text message? We could text our teens and wait 3 days for a reply. On the flip side, if we don’t answer their text we get full on spammed by them.

Text message spam off a teenager

Holding a grudge

Teens don’t hold grudges. They’re quite clever. They hold onto memories to allow them to be better prepared for their next battle. Until, of course, when they want something from you.

They still need Mummy and Daddy

They act all big and clever. But when it comes to Hospital visits etc, they still sit there and look at us so we can talk to the doctors on their behalf.


Water from the bathroom tap doesn’t taste any different than the water from the kitchen tap. “Yes it does”

Social media embarrassment

It would be ridiculous to presume it’s ok for any parent of a teen to have a life and have any form of social media account. It’s not made for parents so we should get off it and stay off it.

Get a different job

Under no circumstances should any parent of a teenager have a job that involves you being seen or heard by anyone… Work in a cave so no one even knows who you are.

Body spray

Teenagers wear so much body spray. Even if they ended up going through the apocalypse they’d still come out the other side smelling the same.

They can handle fear

They can handle all types of fear but the worst types of fear they can’t handle are:
10 missed calls from their parents
No WiFi
“Username & Password are incorrect”

Impeccable punctuality

Teenagers have the best timekeeping mechanisms known to man. Said no one! They say they are leaving at 1 pm. They leave the house at 2:30. “yeah, I meant 2:30”

Fountain of knowledge

They know everything. Why do we even use Google? We have teenagers who know it all.

The Expense

The most expensive part of having a teenager is the amount of alcohol we have to consume.

Don’t get me wrong, teenagers can be completely the opposite of the above sometimes. I’m just waiting for it to happen. I feel it is fair to say raising a teenager is comparable to being pecked to death by a chicken.
So to sum up, if anyone actually has Page 13 to the ‘Parenting a Teenager‘ manual please make it public so we can all at least know what to expect.

If you are reading this and you have a child coming up to teenage years… Good Luck, our thoughts are with you, stay strong, you can do it!

Can you think of any other things that teenagers do that make no sense? Feel free to comment below with your anecdotes.


  1. This is soooo true!! I have two teenagers and my daughter turns 13 in June Although she’s been behaving like a teenager for a year now, so we’re prepared! 7 years till we’re free if this strange species

  2. I’m 18 and some of these things I really relate to but others not so much. I’m really close to my parents but yes, my room is a complete mess! And I would hate to be woken up 2 mins before my alarm…

  3. Ha this really made me chuckle!! As a parent of a three year old i have all this to look forward to. We do have teenage nerves and nephews though and recognise a lot of this article in them!!! I wonder how much hair I will have left?!

  4. Hahaha it was not that long ago that I was a teenager, and although I definitely wasn’t the worst, I do recognize some things (especially the waking up early thing). I miss being able to be that unreasonable and people (including myself) actually accepting it

  5. Haha this post made me laugh 🙂 I’m 21 and it worries me that some of these still ring true… I’m still not the best with punctuality, and I definitely still need my mum and dad- and I’m not afraid to admit that! My sister is a teenager and while I’m back living at home we share a room. Luckily we get on really well, but I think this is a really humorous way of talking about parenting (or even living with) a teenager- and it’s good to be positive about the little strops and worries. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Brilliant! A really enjoyable read. The morning face just makes me want to tell her ‘Goid morning’ all the more! However, Zoom call or not, she ain’t tidying that bedroom. It’s actually like a jungle. Her catchphrase seems to be ‘You’re not even funny’ (I am) and as for getting a different job, as a teacher I regularly tell her I’m going to come and work at her school!
    One thing that teenagers do that’s both irritating and hilarious is speak their own language. I regularly hear them just make words up. ‘Converdationise’ is a favourite of my daughter. Weird.

  7. A lot of these made me chuckle. I’ve not got to the parenting years just yet but I am definitely looking forward to it like a visit to the dentist – maybe a slight hint of sarcasm.

    One thing about teenagers i am looking forward to is the weekend sleep ins and hollyoaks omnibus lol.


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